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06/05/18: The version 0.24.7 is available!
19/01/18: Heroes of Delum releases today on Steam!
28/06/17: The version 0.24.6 is available!
07/06/17: The version 0.24.5 is available!
06/05/17: The version 0.24.4 is available!
30/04/17: The version 0.24.3 is available!
18/04/17: The version 0.24.2 is available!
21/03/17: The demo 0.24.1 is downloadable! Check down below.

Heroes of Delum - real-time strategy, single and multiplayer co-op game. Play as 1 to 5 friends and survive together!

Being inspired by the Kodo Tag custom map/scenario from Warcraft 3, which is one of its popular "mod", we decided to work on releasing a dedicated game around the concept, with lots of changes and variations, both in theme and gameplay.

You play a nameless hero who fights against near endless hordes of monsters that spawn from a magic portal created by the dark forces of Delum.

Your only goal is to survive: collect resources, build defenses, upgrade your character.Win, using your brawn and brains, and the help of your friends!

  • 1 to 5 players online co-op
  • Requires skill and thinking
  • Randomly occurring events for a dynamic gameplay
  • Difficulty levels from cake to hellish nightmare!
  • More game modes to come
  • A variety of enemies with different strengths to overcome
  • Different world environments
  • ...and ninja cats!

We are a very small independant team of 2 dedicated game developers who want to share our gaming passion around the world!

We already have developed several games, this one being our latest and most complete.

In advance thanks for your comments and input and please do have fun!

Steam Greenlight

Official Website



Heroes of Delum x64 (alpha 0.24.7) Windows 100 MB
Heroes of Delum x64 (alpha 0.24.7) Linux 108 MB
Heroes of Delum x64 (alpha 0.24.7) Mac 104 MB


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umm..can we get a x32 bit game

Thank you AnzeiKazumi!

Of course, you can also link it here if you want :)


This really reminds me back in the day when I used to play a lot of tower defense games. This is some good stuff yer making, hope to see more updates in the future!

Is it alright if we make a video out of it in Youtube?


Has lots of potential, keep up the work


Amazing game, I'm really looking forward to the full release. Definitely recommend giving it a vote on Greenlight. Here's a video myself and some friends did if you want to see some gameplay: